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TMS 2019 148th Annual Meeting & Exhibition Supplemental Proceedings
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TMS 2019 148th Annual Meeting & Exhibition Supplemental Proceedings
Springer-Verlag, 2019
ISBN: 9783030058616
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  Contents 5  
  Part I 2019 International Metallurgical Processes Workshop for Young Scholars (IMPROWYS 2019) 23  
  1 Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Study on the Dissolution of Interfacial Iron Oxides in Hot Compressive Bonding Combined with Experiments 24  
  2 Effect of MgO Content on the Properties of Magnesia Fluxed Pellets 37  
  3 Numerical Simulation of Three-PhaseFlow of Gas-Stirring Micro-phenomenonDuring Ladle Furnace Process 49  
  4 The Effect of pH and TemperatureDuring Carbonation Process on SpentDie Cleaning Solution from AluminiumExtrusion Industry 59  
  5 Improvement of Center Segregationin Continuously Cast Blooms by ConvexRoll Soft Reduction 70  
  6 Effects of a Top-Down Flow on Gas–SolidFluidization State in a Bubble FluidizedBed 81  
  7 Development of Bio-treated Oil PalmFiber Reinforced Kaolin MatrixComposites for Building BricksApplication 95  
  8 Effect of Roll Surface Profileon Thermal-Mechanical Behaviorof Continuously Cast Bloom in SoftReduction Process 110  
  9 Thermodynamic Study on Substitution of CO? for Ar or O? in AOD Smelting Process 121  
  Part II 2019 Symposium on Functional Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Integration, and Application of Emerging Nanomaterials 128  
  10 Recent Progress on Metal OxideSemiconductor Thin Film TransistorApplication via Atomic Layer DepositionMethod 129  
  11 Adsorption of Fluoride Gasesin Aluminum Production by Usingof Nanotechnology 135  
  12 Experimental Study on Competitive Adsorption of SF? Decomposed Components on Nitrogen-Doped TiO? Nanotubes Sensor 151  
  13 Fabrication of HardystoniteNano-bioceramic Coating on 306LStainless Steel Substrate UsingElectrophoretic Method and Evaluationof Its Corrosion Resistance to ImproveMedical Performance 157  
  14 Fabrication of MonodispersedNeedle-Sized Hollow Core PolystyreneMicrospheres 169  
  15 Hydrangea-Like VS? Microspheres: A Novel Structure Material for High-Performance Electrochemical Capacitor Electrode 179  
  16 Preparation and Properties of NovelGraphene Composites 187  
  17 Synthesis and Characterization of SilverNanoparticles Using Simple PolyolMethod 198  
  Part III Additive Manufacturing and Welding: Physical and Mechanical Metallurgy of Rapidly Solidified Metals 208  
  18 Differentiating Defect Types in LENS™ Metal AM via In Situ Pyrometer Process Monitoring 209  
  19 Laser-Additive Repair of CastNi–Al–Bronze Components 217  
  20 Comparative Austempering Response Between Weld Metals of ADI Weldments With and Without Cerium Addition 229  
  21 Effects of Beam Oscillation on Porosity and Intermetallic Compounds Formation of Electron Beam Welded DP600 Steel to Al-5754 Alloy Joints 250  
  22 Effects of Ultrasonic Micro-forging on 304 Stainless Steel Fabricated by WAAM 261  
  23 Interface MicrostructuralCharacterization of Titanium to StainlessSteel Dissimilar Friction Welds 269  
  24 Mechanical Property Characterizationof Single Scan Laser Tracks of NickelSuperalloy 625 by Nanoindentation 279  
  25 Metallurgical Characteristics of LaserPeened 17-4 PH SS Processed by LENSTechnique 289  
  Part IV Additive Manufacturing for Energy Applications 296  
  26 Prototyping of a Laboratory-ScaleCyclone Separator for Biofuel Productionfrom Biomass Feedstocks Using a FusedDeposition Modeling Printer 297  
  Part V Additive Manufacturing of Metals:Applications of SolidificationFundamentals 306  
  27 Phase-Field Modeling of Microstructure Evolution of Binary and Multicomponent Alloys During Selective Laser Melting (SLM) Process 307  
  28 Phase-Field Simulationof Microstructure Evolution in DirectMetal Laser Sintered AlSi10Mg 316  
  29 Laser Interaction with Surface in Powder Bed Melting Process and Its Impact on Temperature Profile, Bead and Melt Pool Geometry 324  
  30 Evolution of a Gradient Microstructurein Direct Metal Laser Sintered AlSi10Mg 335  
  31 Finite Element Analysis of ParticlePushing During Selective Laser Meltingof AlSi10Mg/AlN Composites 343  
  32 Numerical Simulationon the Single-Crystal Grain Structureof GH4169 Superalloy Steel in the SpiralGrain Selector Using Procast Software 351  
  33 Powder Packing Density and Its Impacton SLM-Based Additive Manufacturing 358  
  Part VI Additive Manufacturing of Metals: Fatigue and Fracture III 371  
  34 About a Digital Twin for the FatigueApproach of Additively ManufacturedComponents 372  
  35 Effect of the Surface Finish on the CyclicBehavior of Additively ManufacturedAlSi10Mg 384  
  36 Effect of Heat Treatments on FatigueProperties of Ti–6Al–4V and 316LProduced by Laser Powder Bed Fusionin As-Built Surface Condition 396  
  37 Fracture Toughness and Fatigue Strengthof Selective Laser MeltedAluminium–Silicon: An Overview 407  
  38 The Effect of Heat Treatmentand Alloying of Ni–Ti Alloy with Copperon Improving Its Fatigue Life 413  
  39 Effect of Adding Yttriumon the Inclusion Modification and ImpactToughness of E36 Shipbuilding Steel 421  
  Part VII Additive Manufacturing of Metals: Microstructural Evolution and Phase Transformations 431  
  40 Influence of Nitrogen on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Martensitic Phase Transformation of Co–26Cr–5Mo–5W Alloys by Selective Laser Melting 432  
  41 The Morphology, Crystallography,and Chemistry of Phases in Wire-ArcAdditively Manufactured NickelAluminum Bronze 442  
  42 Microstructure Evolution in Direct MetalLaser Sintered Corrax MaragingStainless Steel 453  
  43 The Microtexture and Tensile Propertiesof Continuous-Waveand Quasi-Continuous-Wave LaserPowder-Deposited Inconel 718 461  
  Part VIII Additive Manufacturing: Materials Design and Alloy Development 470  
  44 Alloy Design for Biomedical Applicationsin Additive Manufacturing 471  
  45 Surface Inoculation of AluminiumPowders for Additive ManufacturingGuided by Differential Fast ScanningCalorimetry 481  
  46 Mechanical Behavior and Microstructureof Porous Ti Using TiC as Reinforcement 490  
  47 Processing of Haynes® 282® Alloy by Laser Powder Bed Fusion Technology 497  
  Part IX Advanced High-Strength Steels III 505  
  48 Tensile Deformation Behavior of 1GPa-Grade TRIP-AidedMulti-microstructure Steels Studiedby In Situ Neutron Diffraction 506  
  49 Development of Advanced High-StrengthSteels for Automobile Applications 512  
  50 Effect of Carbon Content on Strengthening Behavior with Grain Refinement on Lath Martensite Structure 521  
  51 Assessment of the StrengtheningMechanisms Operating in MicroalloyedSteels During Cyclic Deformation UsingHigh-Resolution Electron BackscatterDiffraction 528  
  52 Effect of Niobium on Microstructureand Mechanical Properties of Nb–TiMicroalloyed Carbide-Free BainiticSteels 539  
  53 Effect of Inclusions Modified by Y-BasedRare Earth on the Corrosion Behaviorof EH36 Shipbuilding Steel 551  
  54 Microstructure and MechanicalProperties of Intercritical AnnealedMultiphase Ultrahigh Strength Steel 560  
  55 The Effect of Ni and Cu Additionon Mechanical Behaviorof Thermomechanically ControlledProcessed HSLA X100 Steels 567  
  Part X Advanced Magnetic Materials for Energy and Power Conversion Applications 579  
  56 Optimization of Magnetocaloric Properties of Ball-Milled La(Fe,Co,Si)??(H,C)? 580  
  57 Production of High-Resistivity ElectricalSteel Alloys by Substitution of Si with Aland Cr 586  
  58 Nanocrystalline Multifunctional Pr–CoCompounds 594  
  Part XI Advanced Microelectronic Packaging, Emerging Interconnection Technology, and Pb-free Solder 603  
  59 A Study on Electrical Conductivityof Micro Friction Stir-Welded DissimilarSheets for Hybrid Electric Vehicles(HEVs) 604  
  60 Micro-structure and Properties of Cu–0.3 wt%Ag Alloy Ultra-Fine Wires 613  
  61 Length Scale of the CellularMicrostructure Tailoring TensileProperties of Zn–20 wt%Sn–2 wt%CuSolder Alloy 620  
  62 Effect of Ag on the MechanicalProperties of Bi–Ag Solder Alloysby the Single-Lap Shear Test Method 628  
  Part XII Advances in Computational Methods for Damage Mechanics and Failure Phenomena 637  
  64 Parametrically Homogenized ContinuumDamage Mechanics (PHCDM) Modelsfor Composites from MicromechanicalAnalysis 638  
  65 Effect of Multi-gating Systemon Solidification of Molten Metals in SpurGear Casting: A Simulation Approach 647  
  Part XIII Advances in Surface Engineering 658  
  66 Corrosion Study of Boron NitrideNanosheets Deposited on Copper Metalby Electrophoretic Deposition 659  
  67 Effects of Process Parameterson the Zirconia Coating Preparedby Sol-Gel and Electrodeposition Process 664  
  68 The Study of Slurry Erosion Wear Behaviour of Coal Bottom Ash Slurry Handling Pipeline 674  
  69 Wear Characterization of Cemented Carbide Multipoint Cutting Tool Machining AISI 4140 at High Cutting Speed: Criteria for Materials Selection 688  
  71 Dry Sheet Metal Forming ThroughSelective Oxidized Tool Surfaces 696  
  72 Effect of Process Parameters on SurfaceProperties of Laser-Hardened Cast Iron 709  
  73 On Improvement in Surface Integrityof ?-EDMed Ti–6Al–4V Alloyby ?-ECM Process 720  
  74 Corrosion and Wear Resistance of PTFE-Al?O? Coatings Deposited on Aluminum Alloy by a Microblasting Process 729  
  Part XIV Algorithm Development in Materials Science and Engineering 737  
  75 Numerical Simulation of Ti6–Al4–VAlloy Diffusion Bonding Process Basedon Molecular Dynamics 738  
  Part XV Alloys and Compounds for Thermoelectric and Solar Cell Applications VII 751  
  76 Custom Pyrolytic Graphite–SteelThermocouple for High-TemperatureMeasurements 752  
  Part XVI Biological Materials Science 761  
  77 3D Contact and Strain in Alveolar BoneUnder Tooth/Implant Loading 762  
  78 Shear-Punch Testing of Human CranialBone and Surrogate Materials 768  
  79 Investigation of BiodegradableZn–Li–Cu Alloys for Orthopaedicand Cardiovascular Applications 778  
  80 Low-Temperature Air PlasmaModification of Electrospun SoftMaterials and Bio-interfaces 788  
  81 Accumulation of Biofilm on Ti–6Al–4VAlloy Fabricated Using Additive LayerManufacturing 796  
  82 Copper Recovery from Printed CircuitBoards from Smartphones ThroughBioleaching 806  
  83 Dependence of the Ferrovanadium Poweras Additive on Mechanical Propertyin Porous Ti 814  
  84 Effect of Compaction Pressureon Porosity and Mechanical Propertiesof Porous Titanium as Bone SubstituteMaterials 824  
  85 The Effect of Milling Time on Structural, Friction and Wear Behavior of Hot Isostatically Pressed Ti–Ni Alloys for Orthopedic Applications 834  
  Part XVII Bulk Metallic Glasses XVI 845  
  86 Perturbation Analysis of AmorphousAlloy Formation 846  
  87 Shockwave Consolidation to Create BulkMetallic Glass 853  
  Part XVIII Ceramic Materials for Nuclear Energy Research and Applications 864  
  88 Characterization of the IrradiationEffects in Nuclear Graphite 865  
  89 Irradiation Effects on Reactor ConcreteStructures 871  
  Part XIX Coatings and Surface Engineering for Environmental Protection 877  
  90 Electrochemical Mechanism and Preparation of Cr–Low-Carbon Steel Composite in a NaCl–KCl–NaF–Cr?O? Molten Salt 878  
  91 Diamond-Like Carbon Coating for DrillCollars: Test Experiences 890  
  92 Inhibition Effect of Essential Oil Extractson the Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steelin Chloride–Sulphate Media 901  
  93 Corrosion Properties of Steel Sheetwith Zinc-Base Alloy Coatings 911  
  94 Effect of Heat Treatmenton the Localized Corrosion Resistanceof S32101 Duplex Stainless Steelin Chloride/Sulphate Media 920  
  95 Study of Mechanisms of CobaltElectrodeposition by Meansof Potentiodynamic Polarization Curves 928  
  Part XX Computational Approaches for Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Materials Science 938  
  96 Artificial Intelligent and SimulationNanostructure of Ceramic 939  
  Part XXI Computational Thermodynamics and Kinetics 954  
  97 Kinetics Calculation and Analysis of AlNPrecipitation in ML40Cr Steel Austenite 955  
  98 Study of Dendrite Growth Under ForcedConvection in Superalloy Solidificationby Multiphase-Field Coupled LatticeBoltzmann Method 964  
  99 Modeling of Volume Diffusion-ControlledPhase Transformations in MultiphaseMulticomponent Alloy Systemsby Minimization of Gibbs Energy 975  
  100 A New Method for Calculationof Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium (VLE)of Au–Cu Alloy System 982  
  101 Ab Initio Study on the OxidationMechanism of Millerite 991  
  102 Kinetic Model of Silica Dissolution in CaO–SiO?–MgO–Al?O? Slag System 999  
  Part XXII Deformation and Damage Behavior of High Temperature Alloys 1008  
  103 Origin of the Significant Impact of Taon the Creep Resistance of FeCrNi Alloys 1009  
  104 Stress Analysis and Structure Optimization of W-Shaped Radiant Tube in Continuous Annealing Furnace 1019  
  Part XXIII Effective Business Improvement Methodologies for the Minerals, Metals, and Materials Industries 1028  
  105 Case Studies of Continuous ImprovementProjects in the Metals Industry 1029  
  Part XXIV Environmentally Assisted Cracking: Theory and Practice 1037  
  106 Fracture Mechanics-Based Studyof Stress Corrosion Cracking of SS304Dry Storage Canister for Spent NuclearFuel 1038  
  107 Similar and Dissimilar Metal Weld Failures in Hydrocracking Service at a Refinery 1047  
  108 Influence of Tempering Treatmenton Precipitation Behavior,Microstructure, Dislocation Densityand Hydrogen-Induced Ductility Lossin High-Vanadium Hot-Rolled X80Pipeline Steel 1058  
  Part XXV Fatigue in Materials: Multi-Scale and Multi-Environment Characterizations and Computational Modeling 1070  
  109 Initiation and Early Growth of FatigueCracks 1071  
  Part XXVI Freeze Linings: Myth and Reality 1082  
  110 Influence of CaO/SiO?/Al?O? Ratio on the Melting Behaviour of SynCon Slags 1083  
  111 Freeze Lining Refractoriesin Non-ferrous TSL Smelting Systems 1093  
  112 Freeze-Lining Formation in SubmergedArc Furnaces Producing FerrochromeAlloy in South Africa 1104  
  113 Designing Furnace Lining/CoolingSystems to Operate with a CompetentFreeze Lining 1124  
  Part XXVII General Poster Session 1139  
  114 Corrosion Resistance of Hot DippingAl–Zn–Si and Zn–Al–Mg–Si AlloyCoating 1140  
  115 Performance of Low-Cost 3D PrintedPylon in Lower Limb Prosthetic Device 1148  
  116 Sequential Leaching Characteristicsof Chromium in AOD Slag-BasedCementitious Materials 1157  
  117 Study on the Reaction Behaviorof Hydrochloric-Acid-ContainingTitanium Blast Furnace Slag 1166  
  118 Thermodynamic and Kinetic Analysisof Inhomogeneous Distribution of Soluteon Precipitations in as Cast Nb–V–TiMicroalloyed Steel 1175  
  Part XXVIII Heterogeneous and Gradient Materials (HGM III): Tailoring Mechanical Incompatibility for Superior Properties 1186  
  119 Radiation and Corrosion Resistancesof 316LN Austenitic Stainless Steelby Rotationally Accelerated Shot Peening 1187  
  Part XXIX High Entropy Alloys VII 1197  
  120 A Novel Dual-Phase Gradient Materialof High-Entropy Alloy Preparedby Spark Plasma Sintering 1198  
  121 Molecular Dynamics Simulations on the Mechanical Behavior of AlCoCrCu?.?FeNi High-Entropy Alloy Nanopillars 1206  
  122 Production of AlCoCrFeNiME-BasedHigh-Entropy Alloysvia Self-Propagating High-TemperatureSynthesis 1216  
  Part XXX ICME Education in Materials Science and Mechanical Engineering 1223  
  123 ICME Applied in the UndergraduateCapstone Senior Design Sequence 1224  
  Part XXXI Interfaces in Structural Materials: An MPMD Symposium in Honor of Stephen M. Foiles 1235  
  124 Effect of a Vertical Twin Boundaryon the Mechanical Propertyof Bicrystalline Copper Micropillars 1236  
  Part XXXII Materials for Molten Salt Energy Systems 1242  
  125 Effect of Ni on the Corrosion Behaviorof Haynes 230 Alloy in MgCl2-KCl Salt 1243  
  Part XXXIII Mechanical Behavior of Nuclear Reactor Components 1252  
  126 The Study of Mechanical Behaviourof Materials for the Nuclear ReactorComponents in SUSEN Hot Cells 1253  
  127 Investigation of Radiation Temperatureand Straining Temperature Effectson the Screw Dislocation MobilityEvolution in Irradiated Ferritic GrainsUsing 3D Dislocation Dynamics 1262  
  Part XXXIV Mechanical Behavior Related to Interface Physics III 1272  
  128 Mechanical Properties of AmorphousSilicon Nanoparticles 1273  
  Part XXXV Modeling and Simulation of Composite Materials 1281  
  129 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Structure and Transport Properties of xKF–yNaF–zAlF? 1282  
  Part XXXVI Phase Stability, Phase Transformations, and Reactive Phase Formation in Electronic Materials XVIII 1295  
  130 Microstructure Evolution and PhysicsProperties of Low Silver Copper AlloyWires During In Situ CompositePreparation 1296  
  Part XXXVII Phase Transformations and Microstructural Evolution 1304  
  131 Heat Treatment Strategies to Improvethe Quasi-Static and DynamicPerformance of Alpha + Beta TitaniumAlloys 1305  
  132 Effect of Silicon Contenton the Dilatometric Behaviorof a Medium-Carbon Steel 1310  
  133 Phase-Field Simulation of IntermetallicPhase Precipitation in a High-Al AlloyedLightweight High-Strength Steel 1322  
  134 Shape Memory Behavior of Ni??.?Ti??.? Processing-Induced Strain Glass Alloys 1331  
  135 Precipitation Hardeningof Supersaturated Al–Sc–Zr Producedvia Melt-Spinning 1341  
  136 Effect of Sm Content and SolidificationRate on Microstructure of SmFe Alloy 1347  
  137 Evolution of Dendritic MorphologyUnder HPMO Treatment 1357  
  138 In Situ Observation of Melting and ???Phase Transformation in DuplexStainless Steel 1366  
  139 Microstructural Evolutionof a Transformation in Which There Isan Exclusion Zone Around Each Nucleus 1377  
  140 Thermodynamic Properties of Si–BAlloys Determined by Solid-StateHeterogeneous Phase Equilibrium 1388  
  Part XXXVIII Powder Processing of Bulk Nanostructured Materials 1397  
  141 Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Medical Material Mg–3Zn Alloy Prepared by Semi-solid Powder Injection Moulding 1398  
  142 Inhomogeneity of Strain in MetalParticulates Producedby Modulation-Assisted Machining 1413  
  143 Numerical Simulation and Validationof Gas and Molten Metal Flowsin Close-Coupled Gas Atomization 1421  
  144 Density Separation of Mixed Carbide Colloids via Standing Wave Physics 1434  
  145 The Influence of Mechanical Activation on the Synthesis of Ca?MgSi? O? 1445  
  Part XXXIX Recent Advances in Functional Materials and 2D/3D Processing for Sensors and Electronic Applications 1454  
  146 3D Printing of Polymer-BasedGasochromic, Thermochromicand Piezochromic Sensors 1455  
  147 3D Printing of Pharmaceuticalsand Transdermal DrugDelivery––An Overview 1472  
  148 Formulation of Curable Resins Utilizedin Stereolithography 1483  
  149 MARS––Magnetic Augmented RotationSystem 1496  
  Part XL Recent Developments in Biological,Structural and Functional Thin Filmsand Coatings 1508  
  150 Friction Conditions on Deep-Drawing Tool Radii When Using Volatile Media as Lubrication Substitute 1509  
  151 Investigation of Friction and AdhesionBehavior of Textured Workpiecesand Coated Tools Under Dry TribologicalContact 1520  
  152 Effects of Emissivity on CombustionBehavior of Energetic Materials 1534  
  153 Self-healing in Materials: An Overview 1547  
  Part XLI Solidification Processing of Light Metalsand Alloys: An MPMD Symposiumin Honor of David StJohn 1566  
  154 Revealing the Heterogeneous Nucleationand Growth Behaviour of Grainsin Inoculated Aluminium Alloys DuringSolidification 1567  
  155 Influence of Microstructure EvolutionDuring Twin-Roll Castingon the Properties of Magnesium Sheets 1578  
  156 A History of the Global Light MetalsAlliance 1588  
  157 Analysis of the High-Purity AluminumPurification Process Using Zone-RefiningTechnique 1598  
  Author Index 1608  
  Subject Index 1615  

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