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Wetland Systems - Storm Water Management Control  
Wetland Systems - Storm Water Management Control
von: Miklas Scholz
Springer-Verlag, 2010
ISBN: 9781849964593
235 Seiten, Download: 7406 KB
Format:  PDF
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Wetland Systems covers broad water and environmental engineering aspects relevant for the drainage and treatment of storm water and wastewater. It provides a descriptive overview of complex 'black box' treatment systems and the general design issues involved. Standard and novel design recommendations for predominantly constructed wetlands and related sustainable drainage systems are given to take into account the interests of professional engineers and environmental scientists. Wetland Systems deals comprehensively with not only the design, operation, maintenance and water quality monitoring of traditional and novel wetland systems, but also covers: • Analysis of asset performance • Modelling of treatment processes • Performances of existing infrastructure • Sustainability and economic issues Solutions to pressing water quality problems associated with constructed treatment wetlands, integrated constructed wetlands, farm constructed wetlands and storm water ponds, and other sustainable biological filtration and treatment technologies linked to public health engineering are explained. Case study topics are diverse: natural wetlands and constructed treatment wetlands; sustainable water management; and specific applications, such as wetlands treating hydrocarbons. The research projects discussed are multi-disciplinary, holistic, experimental and modelling-orientated. Wetland Systems is a useful reference for the design and operation of wetland systems by engineers and scientists working for the water industry, non-governmental organisations, local authorities and governmental bodies. It is also a valuable text for undergraduate and postgraduate students, lecturers and researchers in civil and environmental engineering fields.

Prof. Dr. Miklas Scholz, CWem, CEnv, CSci, CEng, FHEA, FCIWEM, FIEMA, FICE holds a Chair in Civil Engineering at the University of Salford.

He was previously a Senior Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of Edinburgh. Moreover, he is a Visiting Professor at Nankai University (China), and the Czech University of Life Sciences. Prof. Scholz's international reputation is based on his research in sustainable water management. He has a passion for solving water quality problems associated with integrated constructed wetlands and ponds, sustainable drainage system technology and planning, and biological filtration and sludge management.

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