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Advances in Automotive Production Technology - Theory and Application - Stuttgart Conference on Automotive Production (SCAP2020)  
Advances in Automotive Production Technology - Theory and Application - Stuttgart Conference on Automotive Production (SCAP2020)
von: Philipp Weißgraeber, Frieder Heieck, Clemens Ackermann
Springer Vieweg, 2021
ISBN: 9783662629628
504 Seiten, Download: 83219 KB
Format:  PDF
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This volume of the series ARENA2036 compiles the outcomes of the first Stuttgart Conference on Automotive Production (SCAP2020).

It contains peer-reviewed contributions from a theoretical as well as practical vantage point and is topically structured according to the following four sections: It discusses (I) Novel Approaches for Efficient Production and Assembly Planning, (II) Smart Production Systems and Data Services, (III) Advances in Manufacturing Processes and Materials, and (IV) New Concepts for Autonomous, Collaborative Intralogistics.

Given the restrictive circumstances of 2020, the conference was held as a fully digital event divided into two parts. It opened with a pre-week, allowing everyone to peruse the scientific contributions at their own pace, followed by a two-day live event that enabled experts from the sciences and the industry to engage in various discussions. The conference has proven itself as an insightful forum that allowed for an expertly exchange regarding the pivotal Advances in Automotive Production and Technology.

Dr. Philipp Weißgraeber is a research coordinator at the research campus ARENA2036 and lecturer at University of Stuttgart. He has conducted research on mechanics of high-performance materials at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, where he received his doctorate in 2014, and at Bosch Corporate Research.

Dr. Frieder Heieck is a research coordinator at the research campus ARENA2036. He worked as a researcher at the Institute of Aircraft Design, University of Stuttgart, in the field of composite materials and lightweight design. Here, from 2017 to 2018, he built up and headed the research group 'Additive Manufacturing'. In 2019, he received his doctorate from the University of Stuttgart.

Dr. Clemens Ackermann is a research coordinator at and responsible for the internationalization of the research campus ARENA2036. He received his doctorate from Northwestern University in 2017, taught at the University of Oregon, Northwestern University, the University of Tübingen, the University of Stuttgart, and the University of Applied Sciences in Reutlingen. Before joining ARENA2036, he worked as program coordinator at the University of Tübingen.

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