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Risk Management of Non-Renewable Energy Systems
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Risk Management of Non-Renewable Energy Systems
von: Ajit Kumar Verma, Srividya Ajit, Hari Prasad Muruva
Springer-Verlag, 2015
ISBN: 9783319160627
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Format:  PDF
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This book describes the basic concepts of risk and reliability with detailed descriptions of the different levels of probabilistic safety assessment of nuclear power plants (both internal and external). The book also maximizes readers insights into time dependent risk analysis through several case studies, whilst risk management with respect to non renewable energy sources is also explained. With several advanced reactors utilizing the concept of passive systems, the reliability estimation of these systems are explained in detail with the book providing a reliability estimation of components through mechanistic model approach. This book is useful for advanced undergraduate and post graduate students in nuclear engineering, aerospace engineering, industrial engineering, reliability and safety engineering, systems engineering and applied probability and statistics. This book is also suitable for one-semester graduate courses on risk management of non renewable energy systems in all conventional engineering branches like civil, mechanical, chemical, electrical and electronics as well as computer science. It will also be a valuable reference for practicing engineers, managers and researchers involved in reliability and safety activities of complex engineering systems.

Ajit K. Verma is a Professor in Engineering, Haugesund/Stord University College, Haugesund, Norway(since March 2012) and has been a Professor (since Feb 2001) with the Department of Electrical Engineering(currently) at IIT Bombay with a research focus in Reliability and Safety Engineering. He was the Director of the International Institute of Information Technology Pune, on lien from IIT Bombay, from Aug 2009-Sep 2010. He is also a Guest Professor at Lulea University of Technology, Sweden He has supervised/co-supervised 36 PhDs and 95 Masters theses in the area of Software Reliability, Reliable Computing, Power Systems Reliability (PSR), Reliability Centred maintenance (RCM) and Probabilistic Safety/Risk Assessment (PSA). He has executed various research projects to promote industry interface and has been course co-ordinator for industry CEPs like Reliability engineering, Six Sigma, Software Inspections, Competency Tracking System and Software Reliability for IT industries. He has jointly edited books on Reliability Engineering & Quality Management and is the Springer Book Series Editor of Reliable & Sustainable Electric Power and Energy Systems Management and jointly edited a book titled Reliability and Risk Evaluation of Wind Integrated Power Systems(Springer) and is also an author of books titled Fuzzy Reliability Engineering-Concepts and Applications (Narosa), Reliability and Safety Engineering (Springer) and Dependability of Networked Computer Based Systems (Springer). He has 247 publications in various journals (over 100 papers) and conferences.

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