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Hostage at the Table - How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance
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Hostage at the Table - How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance
von: George Kohlrieser
Jossey-Bass, 2006
ISBN: 9780787985646
274 Seiten, Download: 1077 KB
Format: PDF
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  Hostage at the Table: How Leaders Can Overcome Conflict, Influence Others, and Raise Performance 7  
     Contents 9  
     Foreword 11  
     Preface 15  
     Chapter 1: Are You Being Held Hostage Without Knowing It? 23  
        Controlling Our Brain Is Essential 26  
        Powerlessness Is Poison 28  
        The Stockholm Syndrome and Hostage Mentality 33  
        Bonding Is the Antidote 36  
        Summary 39  
     Chapter 2: Finding Freedom Through Your Mind’s Eye 41  
        Focusing with the Mind’s Eye 44  
        Understanding the Mind’s Eye of Another Person 46  
        The Power of a State of Mind 47  
        Influencing Inner States and Outer States 49  
        The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and the Mind’s Eye 51  
        Seeing with the Mind’s Eye 54  
        Summary 57  
     Chapter 3: The Potential of the Bonding Cycle 59  
        The Bonding Cycle 62  
        Attachment and Bonding 66  
        Separation and Grief 69  
        The Eight Stages of Grief 71  
        The Seven Manifestations of Broken Bonding 78  
        Bonding and Change 85  
        Summary 86  
     Chapter 4: The Strength of a Secure Base 88  
        How Secure Bases Influence the Mind’s Eye 99  
        People as Secure Bases 101  
        The Mother Figure as Secure Base 102  
        The Father Figure as Secure Base 104  
        Goals as Secure Bases 106  
        Fear of Failure and Fear of Success 107  
        High Self-Esteem and Secure Bases 109  
        Secure Bases and Resilience 110  
        When a Secure Base Is Missing 112  
        Styles of Attachment and Bonding 113  
        Summary 119  
     Chapter 5: The Art of Conflict Management 121  
        The Nature and Roots of Conflict 124  
        Violence as an Extreme Response to Loss 127  
        “Put the Fish on the Table” 130  
        Sources of Conflict 132  
        The Dynamics of a Healthy Relationship 134  
        Conflict of Interests Versus Conflict of Needs 137  
        Resolving Conflict 138  
        Applying Conflict Resolution Techniques in Business 141  
        Summary 143  
     Chapter 6: Effective Dialogue 145  
        Seeking a Greater Truth Through Dialogue 147  
        Internal and External Dialogue 151  
        Blocks to Dialogue 154  
        Tools to Remove Blocks to Dialogue 159  
        Principles of Dialogue 161  
        The Art of Listening 162  
        The Impact of Dialogue on Health 164  
        Summary 168  
     Chapter 7: The Power of Negotiation 171  
        Ten Steps in the Negotiation Process 174  
        Taking a Positive Approach to Negotiation 177  
        Apply the Law of Reciprocity and Concession Making 186  
        The Impact of Influence and the Power of Persuasion 190  
        Exercising Informal Authority 191  
        Sell the Benefits of Pain 194  
        Summary 196  
     Chapter 8: Mastering Our Emotions 198  
        How Emotions Work 200  
        Five Stages of Emotion 202  
        Five Patterns of Emotions 206  
        Motivation 212  
        The Value of Emotional Intelligence in Business 214  
        The Impact of Emotions on Mood 216  
        Dealing with Emotions 216  
        Three Simple Tools to Deescalate Emotions 219  
        The Amygdala Hijack 221  
        Summary 223  
     Chapter 9: Living with a Hostage-Free State of Mind 226  
        High Self-Esteem 229  
        Low Self-Esteem 230  
        Boosting Self-Esteem 231  
        Empowered Humility 233  
        Helping Ourselves and Others Through Continuous Lifelong Learning 235  
        Finding Freedom Through Choice 239  
        Living in Flow 241  
        Summary 243  
     Notes 247  
     Acknowledgments 257  
     The Author 261  
     Index 263  

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