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Adaptive and Robust Active Vibration Control - Methodology and Tests
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Adaptive and Robust Active Vibration Control - Methodology and Tests
von: Ioan D. Landau, Tudor-Bogdan Airimițoaie, Abraham Castellanos-Silva, Aurelian Constantinescu
Springer-Verlag, 2016
ISBN: 9783319414508
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Format:  PDF
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This book approaches the design of active vibration control systems from the perspective of today's ideas of computer control. It formulates the various design problems encountered in the active management of vibration as control problems and searches for the most appropriate tools to solve them. The experimental validation of the solutions proposed on relevant tests benches is also addressed. To promote the widespread acceptance of these techniques, the presentation eliminates unnecessary theoretical developments (which can be found elsewhere) and focuses on algorithms and their use. The solutions proposed cannot be fully understood and creatively exploited without a clear understanding of the basic concepts and methods, so these are considered in depth. The focus is on enhancing motivations, algorithm presentation and experimental evaluation. MATLAB®routines, Simulink® diagrams and bench-test data are available for download and encourage easy assimilation of the experimental and exemplary material.

Three major problems are addressed in the book:

  • active damping to improve the performance of passive absorbers;
  • adaptive feedback attenuation of single and multiple tonal vibrations; and
  • feedforward and feedback attenuation of broad band vibrations.

Adaptive and Robust Active Vibration Control will interest practising engineers and help them to acquire new concepts and techniques with good practical validation. It can be used as the basis for a course for graduate students in mechanical, mechatronics, industrial electronics, aerospace and naval engineering. Readers working in active noise control will also discover techniques with a high degree of cross-over potential for use in their field.

Ioan Doré Landau has been Emeritus Research Director at CNRS since September 2003 and continues to collaborate with LAG INPG.

His research interests encompass theory and applications in system identification, adaptive control, robust digital control and nonlinear systems. He has (co-)authored over 200 papers. He is the author of several books and holds several patents and was the origin of several software packages in control developed by ADAPTECH. He advised 35 PhD students. He has delivered a number of Plenary Talks at International Conferences.

Dr. Landau received the Rufus Oldenburger Medal 2000 from ASME. He was an IEEE-CSS 'Distinguished Lecturer' for 2001-2003. He has been an IFAC Fellow since 2007 and received the Life Achievement Award from MCA in 2009.

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