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Innovative Trend Methodologies in Science and Engineering
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Innovative Trend Methodologies in Science and Engineering
von: Zekâi Şen
Springer-Verlag, 2017
ISBN: 9783319523385
360 Seiten, Download: 11849 KB
Format: PDF
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This book covers all types of literature on existing trend analysis approaches, but more than 60% of the methodologies are developed here and some of them are reflected to scientific literature and others are also innovative versions, modifications or improvements. The suggested methodologies help to design, develop, manage and deliver scientific applications and training to meet the needs of interested staff in companies, industries and universities including students.
Technical content and expertise are also provided from different theoretical and especially active roles in the design, development and delivery of science in particular and economics and business in general. It is also ensured that, wherever possible and technically appropriate, priority is given to the inclusion and integration of real life data, examples and processes within the book content.

The time seems right, because available books just focus on special sectors (fashion, social, business). This book reviews all the available trend approaches in the present literature on rational and logical bases.  

Prof. Zekâi Şen obtained his B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Technical University of İstanbul, Civil Engineering Faculty, Department of Reinforced Concrete in 1971. His further post-graduate studies were carried out at the University of London, Imperial College of Science and Technology. He was granted Diploma of Imperial College (D.I.C) and M.Sc. in Engineering Hydrology in 1972 and Ph. D. in stochastic hydrology in 1974. He worked in different countries such as England, Norway, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. He worked in different faculties as the head of department. His main interests are hydrology, water resources, hydrogeology, hydrometeorology, hydraulics, science philosophy and history. He has published numerous (Science Citation Indexed) SCI scientific papers in different internationally top journals on various topics in addition to numerous publications in international conferences, symposiums and technical reports as well as edited proceedings and books. Under his supervision many students from different countries (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Libya, and Pakistan) have obtained Ph. D. degrees in different energy aspects and water science topics. He holds several national and international scientific prizes and the most recent one is given as a team work due to his contribution to 'Nobel Peace Prize' through his works in IPCC form 2002-2007 concerning Climate Change. He is currently working at the Technical University of Istanbul, Civil Engineering Faculty. He is also the president of Turkish Water Foundation.

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