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The Euro-Atlantic Security System in the 21st Century - From Cooperation to Crisis
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The Euro-Atlantic Security System in the 21st Century - From Cooperation to Crisis
von: Ryszard Zi?ba
Springer-Verlag, 2018
ISBN: 9783319791050
291 Seiten, Download: 3239 KB
Format:  PDF
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This book examines the evolution of the Euro-Atlantic security system, from cooperation to rivalry and crisis, since the beginning of the 21st century. By highlighting the causes, manifestations and international consequences of this evolution, the author describes a stage of crisis in the security system, characterized by increasing rivalry for spheres of influence, militarization of policies and the suspension of cooperation due to the growing divergence between the interests of the West - now including the Central European states - and Russia, leading to a subsequent reconfiguration of the world order.

Adopting a neo-realistic approach, the author demonstrates that members of the Euro-Atlantic security system, irrespective of the values they claim to hold, are guided in their actions on the international stage by clearly defined interests. The first part of the book analyses the nature of the Euro-Atlantic security system, while the second part illustrates the limited success of Euro-Atlantic collaboration, for example in combating terrorism. Lastly, the third part discusses the consequences of the crisis, such as the conflict in Ukraine, and prospects for the future evolution of the Euro-Atlantic security system. 

Prof. Ryszard Zi?ba is a Full Professor at the Institute of International Relations, Faculty of Political Science and International Studies, University of Warsaw, Poland. He served in the National Security Strategic Review Commission appointed by the President of the Republic of Poland and prepared expertise for the Polish Parliament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Regional Development, National Security Bureau and for the European Commission as Jean Monnet Chair. He published 22 books and about 400 papers and articles on international security, Poland's and other Central European states and the European Union's foreign and security policy as well as on theory of security studies and international relations. At the University of Warsaw, he teaches the courses 'International politics,' 'European security,' 'EU's security and defence policy,' 'Poland's foreign policy,' 'Theory of international relations,' and 'Foreign Policy Analysis'. 

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