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Supply Chain Simulation - A System Dynamics Approach for Improving Performance  
Supply Chain Simulation - A System Dynamics Approach for Improving Performance
von: Francisco Campuzano, Josefa Mula Bru
Springer-Verlag, 2011
ISBN: 9780857297198
110 Seiten, Download: 3180 KB
Format:  PDF
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Supply Chain Simulation allows readers to practice modeling and simulating a multi-level supply chain. The chapters are a combination of the practical and the theoretical, covering:

  • knowledge of simulation methods and techniques,
  • the conceptual framework of a typical supply chain,
  • the main concepts of system dynamics, and
  • a set of practice problems with their corresponding solutions.

The problem set includes illustrations and graphs relating to the simulation results of the Vensim® program, the main code of which is also provided. The examples used are a valuable simulation tool that can be modified and extended according to user requirements.

The objective of Supply Chain Simulation is to meet the demands of supply chain simulation or similar courses taught at the postgraduate level. The 'what if' analysis recreates different simulation scenarios to improve the decision-making process in terms of supply chain performance, making the book useful not only for postgraduate students, but also for industrial practitioners.

Dr. Francisco Campuzano is Senior Lecturer in the Business Management Department at the Technical University of Cartagena (UPCT) in Spain. Having graduated in 2000 in Management Engineering, in 2006 he received a PhD degree in Management from the Universitat Politècnica de València. His doctoral thesis was rewarded with honours by the Spanish Logistics Centre (CEL) in 2007. His main fields of research are focused on the modeling and simulation of supply chain systems and production management using the system dynamics methodology. He has published several papers in national and international journals and international conference proceedings. He has also participated in several national and international research and education projects and is an active member of the Systems Dynamic Society and the Mediterranean Institute for Advanced Studies (MEDIFAS). He is a reviewer for several international journals.

Dr. Josefa Mula is Senior Lecturer at Universitat Politécnica de València (UPV) in Spain where she teaches supply chain simulation, production management and operations research. She is Senior Researcher at the Research Centre of Production Management and Engineering (CIGIP) of UPV. Her research interests are oriented to production management, supply chain management and uncertainty modelling in production management. She has written (in collaboration) more than forty articles in international journals. She is member of the editorial board of the Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management. She has participated and continues to participate in various European projects (VCHAIN, ECOSELL, REMPLANET) and has led several national projects (EVOLUTION, REVOLUTION).

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