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Strategic Outsourcing - The Alchemy to Business Transformation in a Globally Converged World
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Strategic Outsourcing - The Alchemy to Business Transformation in a Globally Converged World
von: Bharat Vagadia
Springer-Verlag, 2011
ISBN: 9783642222092
228 Seiten, Download: 6508 KB
Format:  PDF
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This book provides a road-map to successful implementation of strategic outsourcing programmes, providing down-to-earth approaches to outsourcing decision making and programme management, based on a grass-roots understanding. A practitioner-focused book for business leaders and managers providing a holistic view of strategic outsourcing, covering the three essential pillars of success: risks, rewards and relationships. The author shows how business leaders can transform organisational business models, structures and mind-sets, taking the reader on a journey through the book's fifteen chapters, helping the reader truly grasp: the drivers for change as a result of globalisation and convergence and their impact on organisational strategies; how outsourcing can transform the various processes and functions of an organisation; the impact outsourcing is having on various industry vertical sectors; the eight foundations of successful strategic outsourcing programmes, which when combined with strategic decision-making knowledge, guarantees that organisations embarking on the strategic outsourcing journey, derive the transformational benefits they seek.

Dr Bharat Vagadia is a leading authority on Telecommunications, Managed Services and Outsourcing and has been involved in Managed Services and Outsourcing throughout his career. Dr Vagadia is a director of an outsourcing research and advisory firm (www.Op2i.com), is a Board Director of the UK National Outsourcing Association, the founder of a software-as-a-service decision governance system (www.GovernanceDirector.com), an advisor to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) on policy and regulatory affairs, and teaches on MBA programs at UK business schools.

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